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D.U.P, Lashes 902


Lashes 902

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Model's Selections! Collaboration with "Aiku Maikawa", one of the most popular models in Japan. These eyelashes quickly highlight and give great impression. It offers you a range of styles for every mood and delivers the volume and length you want in seconds.

Delivers the volume and length you want in seconds.
Comes with glue ready to go

How To Use

How to Use
Take the false eyelashes out of the packaging gently with a pair of tweezers.
Trim the false eyelashes to suit the size of your eyes before you wear it on.
Pick up the false lashes with tweezers and add glue to the base of the lashes.
Let the glue dry until it turns tacky. Place the false eyelashes along your real lash line, so that they become part of your own eyelashes.
Press gently on the center first and then go towards the sides until the false lashes are smoothly placed.
To remove the false lashes, take a dampened cotton pad, hold it down to the false lash for 30 seconds in order to dissolve the eyelash glue; then pull it off gently, holding them from the outer corners.
Remove all the adhesive residue on the lashes and place the lashes into the case for future use.

About The Brand

D.U.P Eyelashes has collaborated with one of the popular Japanese model, Aiku Maikawa for the DUP’s Model’s Selection range! Eyelashes for every mood and event, with the volume and length added, DUP Eyelashes certainly would be ideal for Singaporean beauty-conscious ladies! 

With the different styles to choose from to set certain mood, there is nothing more provocative when you give that someone that special look with the wide range of stunning D.U.P Eyelashes, currently the number 1 best-selling brand in Japan.