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GlamPalm, Hair Dryer-GP 711 AS


Hair Dryer-GP 711 AS

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Hairdryer GalmPalm pentaan present complement to enhance the hair. Changing the hairstyle every day is not the problem, you do not have to bother anymore to go to a hair stylist to the arrangement of beautiful hair. This product comes with various appendages that facilitates the grooming in a heartbeat.


Attractive design GLAMPALM Hairdryer GP 711AS designed by experts with a concept that is very elegant. Designed specifically to suit your taste. The design is cute and pretty is also an attraction of this hair dryers. regulator Controller The advantages of this Hairdryer GalPalm you can feel that their regulator temperature regulation of wind and temperature. In the hair dryer, you can adjust the air pressure and temperature in the desired accordance with the needs of the regulator controller. When the hair is still wet you can shift the speed to toward High to increase the pressure of the wind, and if the hair had started to dry you can set the wind pressure becomes low to reduce wind pressure. 



- Power consumption 2000 watts

- 220-240 V

- Has a unique mineral coating to improve the output of infrared rays and negative ions

- Has a temperature regulator wind and temperature settings

- There are two options for setting the air flow of hot and cold, are LOW and HIGH


We have raised the bar with this state-of-the-art hair dryer and it is a WINNER! Infused with Healing Stone Technology™, preventing hair from split ends and damage.

Not for nothing this hair dryer is called the AERO.

Maximum performance with stronger air pressure, faster airflow, minimal vibration and superior heat transfer.

Its power and wind speed are incredibly fast splitting the water drops exponentially in two instead of blowing them away.


- Power 2000W

- Features Powerful

- Healing Stone™ infused ceramic heaters and grating enhances output of negative ions and far infrared rays - adds shine and bounce while removing frizz.

- Power Supply 220-240V, 50/60Hz

- Control method 2x Switch

- Heater Ceramic Heater

- Cord length 3.2m

- Weight 481g (excl. cord)

- Temperature setting 3

- Speed settings 2

- Filter Yes

- Warranty 1 Year

- Made in Korea