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Kanebo, Blanchir Superior Whitening W Conclusion


Blanchir Superior Whitening W Conclusion

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Kanebo's original active brightening ingredient Mangnolignan inhibits melanin formation to stop dark spots before they become visible, And Bisamin is formulated as an active ingredient. Roughness is prevented for moisturized skin with translucency. the new addition of tree Rhododendron Extract works as moizturizing ingredient. Achieve a fresh and moisturized feel that is quickly absorbed into the stratum comeum for outstanding translucency. This luxurious face serum is best to be apply after the application of toner / lotion, and before the moisturizer / beauty emulsion; or by itself as a beauty essence.
About The Brand

BLANCHIR SUPERIOR was launched in 2008 as a high-performance extension of BLANCHIR, the company's signature brightening brand, to address the causes of dark spots, freckles, and skin dullness in several stages.


Special brightening ingredients from Kanebo with officially recognized effects are blended with a selection of oriental botanicals to inhibit the excessive formation of brown skin pigments (melanin), prevent spots and freckles, and restore the clarity and smoothness of the skin.