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Kanebo, Impress Cream Excellent A


Impress Cream Excellent A

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Impress not only enhances skin beauty today, but prepares the skin for years of beauty in the future.
We guarantee that every brands we sell are authentic.

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Impress' challenge reaches an even higher pinnacle.


A newly improved anti aging lotion that is not only used as prevention but also strengthen the natural ability of the skin to repair DNA damage. 


Delivers a sense of fulfillment to the skin with an ultra-rich texture and Kanebo’s cutting-edge technology and ingredients.

How To Use

1 Apply the cleanser on the forehead , cheeks and chin gradually

2 massage in a circular motion from the center of the forehead toward the temples

3 Repeat the same way on the cheeks and chin

4 Massage with fingers in the nose area up and down

5 Clean with clean water