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Novexpert, The Peeling Night Cream size 40 ml


The Peeling Night Cream size 40 ml

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Senang Pakai Novexpert The Peeling Night Cream Review by nitaquensia
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Udah 1 minggu pake produk ini dan suka sama hasilnya, kulit terasa lebih cerah, pori2 mengecil (ini muahhh banget..haha), bekas jerawat aku juga jadi hilang
i hope it works well when i try one month full *pray* hehe

Thank You Glamizka :* (Posted on 4/5/16)


SMOOTH SKIN AND RADIANCE COMPLEXION Extraordinary RENEWED SKIN effect on all skin types, thanks to progressive micro-peeling action. Upon waking the skin's texture is visibly smoother, refined and incredibly soft RADIANCE-ENHANCING ingredients add greater luminosity and evenness to the complexion for perfectly beautiful skin
How To Use
Apply small dabs to the entire toroughly cleansed face, avoiding the eye contour and sides of the nose. Massage into skin, using circular upward strokes. Only a small amount of product is needed. Every evening as an intensive 1 month treatment. Because Peeling Night Cream is a powerful skin renewal program, we recommend that you discontinue use for 1 month minimum between each intensive treatment
About The Brand
Novexpert is a cosmeceutical skincare brand created by a team of four French doctors who are recognised experts and researchers in the skincare industry. The result is the most effective anti-ageing formulations that are suitable for sensitive skin as well as safe for long term use – based on medical research.