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Repit, Titan Magic Brush Iron 2in1 24mm


Titan Magic Brush Iron 2in1 24mm

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The New Repit Titan Magic Brush Iron 2in1 has its brush made from Titanium Plates Bristle which is more durable and dramatically improves all the aspect of best styling performance. More powerful, styled hair last longer. More Thermal styling versatility with the added benefits of titanium plate technology. Create ion's superior, patented, advanced, Titanium Technology gives our iron remarkable plate durability and straightening power.


Maximum Styling versatility.


This tool can be used to straighten your hair or creates beautiful Korean curls in a blink. Korean hairstylist who can make their hair super beautiful despite the minimalist makeup. Well it turns out mostly in Korea many who use the Magic Brush Iron repit Titan's Next Generation.


The Create Ion Advantage.


Using Create Ion tools your hair stays healthy, soft, smooth and in beautiful condition, even with daily styling. Rubber cushions on both plates ensure optimum alignment and tension on the hair for even straightening and styling.




- Ceramic Ionic Brush

- 220 V & 35 W

- Adjustable Temperature Settings - Set the temperature right for your hair ranging from 110 degrees to 200 degrees C

- size 24mm

- Warranty 1 year

- Made in Korea

How To Use

1. Press the open (Open) to open the comb to straighten your hair

2. Press the key (Lock) to cover the plate and a comb, to make the hair wavy.

3. Press the Auto button for 2 seconds to select the desired temperature, there are 4 different color temperatures.

4. To turn off press the ON / OFF button twice.